Better Sleep Labs and the Institute of Sleep Medicine are subsidiaries of Secor Sleep Diagnostic Inc. We offer a comprehensive program for diagnosing and treating all major sleep disorders. Our centers are directed by board certified sleep specialist, Dr Naeem A. Lughmani and staffed by registered Polysomnographic and trained technologists. We use State-of-the-art testing equipment and offer diagnostic and treatment options for all major sleep disorders.

What you can expect

For most people the path to better sleep begins with one or two nights in our sleep center. We provide private, comfortable bedrooms, each with a recliner and cable television. You will simply perform your normal sleep routine as you would at home and our technicians will unobtrusively monitor your sleep patterns. They will be available to attend to your needs at all times. At Better Sleep Labs, we strive to help our patients feel relaxed and at ease.

Prompt, Accurate results

Upon completion of your sleep study, we will review your test results and provide a written report to your doctor without delay.